Our esteem customers can avail the submersible pump sets from us at diverse range such as

  • V4 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V5 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V6 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V7 Submersible Pump Set
  • V8 Submersible Pump Sets

Submersible pump sets suitable for operating in open well as well as in rivers or canals are manufactured in accordance to IS :14220. The pump sets are lowered at the bottom of well or river to pump out water from the bottom. Best usage where there is un even fluctuation of water level. Produced from 0.5 HP(0.37KW) to 3 HP(2.2 KW) in single phase Produced from 3.0 HP (2.2 KW) to 10 HP(7.5 KW) in three phase