mono block & self priming pump

Our esteem customers can avail the submersible pump sets from us at diverse range such as

  • V4 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V5 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V6 Submersible Pump Sets
  • V7 Submersible Pump Set
  • V8 Submersible Pump Sets

Self Priming Mono Block pump sets manufactured by Mak Pump Industries are best suitable to get the corporation or Municipality supplied water through pipe line. The suction capacity is 6 M Self Priming Mono Block pumps are used for pumping out water from minor tube well also. The pumps are available in 0.5HP(0.37KW) and 1.0 HP(0.75KW) The head range is from 6 M to 55 M depending upon the rating. These are high speed pumps.(Speed is 3000 RPM- Synchronous) Also super suction pumps are available which are front suction type. Available in 0.5 HP( 0.37KW) and 1.0HP(0.75KW) Shallow Well Jet Pumps: Available for lifting water from shallow well. Has a suction capacity of 8.5 M Available in 0.5 HP(.37KW) and 1.0 HP(0.75KW)