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Self Priming Pump Sets for Domestic Applications

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Self Priming Mono Block pump sets manufactured by Mak Pump Industries are best suitable to get the corporation or Municipality supplied water through pipe line. The suction capacity is 6 M Self Priming Mono Block pumps are used for pumping out water from minor tube well also. The pumps are available in 0.5HP(0.37KW) and 1.0 HP(0.75KW) The head range is from 6 M to 55 M depending upon the rating. These are high speed pumps.(Speed is 3000 RPM- Synchronous) Also super suction pumps are available which are front suction type. Available in 0.5 HP( 0.37KW) and 1.0HP(0.75KW) Shallow Well Jet Pumps: Available for lifting water from shallow well. Has a suction capacity of 8.5 M Available in 0.5 HP(.37KW) and 1.0 HP(0.75KW)

  • Self Priming Pumps are noiseless in operation
  • Self Priming Pumps are fitted with Thermal Overload Protector
  • Light in weight and easy to handle
  • Consumes less power
  • Best suitable for domestic application and gardening
Material Specification Chart
Name of Parts Material Composition
1 Motor Bush LTB – 4 Grade as per IS : 318
2 Thrust Plate Assam Carbon
3 Rotor ” Grand Polycot ” Make Epoxy Coated Rotor
4 Stamping Low – Loss Electrical Stamping ( Highly Efficient )
5 Thrust Bearing S.S 304 IS : 1570 Part V
6 Rotor Sleeve / Shaft S.S 410 IS : 1570 Part V
7 Bowi – impeller Set Poly Carbonate GNF 2 : 25 % Glass Filled
8 Pump – Motor Shell S.S. 202 / 304 IS : 1570 Part ll Redpectively
9 Pump MOtor Casting Parts FG 200 as Per IS : 210
10 PumpSleeve Hard Choromed and SS : 410 as per IS : 1570 Part V
11 Pump Bush Nitrile Rubber and LTB – 4 Grade as per IS : 318
12 Winding Wire Warpimg ( Coated ) and PVC as per IS

Radial Flow Water Filled Submersible Pump Set Suitable For 75 mm & Above Dia. Bore well, Maximum Outside Diameter of Pump Sets 73mm

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